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Laxton is one of the largest self service terminal, digital signage, digital music equipment and e-government jump kit manufacturers in the world.

Laxton was originally founded in 2000 and has experienced rapid year on year growth since its inception.  Laxton is part of a global group that has companies in Hong Kong, China, USA, Russia and South Africa. 

Laxton is known and respected as a world leader in the industry. We have supplied our trusted products to some of the biggest names globally.

Laxton focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of interactive self service kiosk terminals, digital signage, digital music equipment, e-government jump kits and related products.


Money Making Machines

We manufacture machines that make money or decrease costs for our customers. This is our core business. Extensive financial modeling and research is done before we create new products. Our products have strong and proven ROI’s.

Always Striving to Drive Down Costs and Increase our Quality

Intelligence and innovation in our methodologies allow us to deliver exceptional products at highly competitive prices. Continuous quality improvement and cost refinement is a fundamental pillar in our organization’s culture.

Aesthetics are Important

Laxton has proven time and time again that industrial grade equipment can be beautiful.

Machine Uptime is Everything

Only Laxton tested and accredited components are integrated into our products. We manufacture robust machines that work extremely hard for our customers.

Strong after Sales Support

We believe that 90% of the selling process occurs after the product is delivered to our customer. We have a 24 hour international call centre to support our global customer base.

Teamwork, Honesty and Ethics

Our customers, partners, agents and franchisees are part of our team. We will always work hard to ensure the interests of our customers and team members are put first.





Download: Laxton Group 2013 Corporate Profile


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